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Who we are

At Tech Maso, our mission is to demystify print management software and make high-quality information accessible to everyone—from startups to multinational corporations. Founded by Hollie Davies, a specialist with extensive experience in print solutions, Tech Maso is driven by a passion to empower businesses through effective print management.

We offer expert reviews, side-by-side software comparisons, educational guides, and the latest news, all tailored to help you choose and utilize the best print management solutions. Led by Hollie Davies, our team is comprised of experts in the fields of print technology and software development, ensuring that all content is accurate, up-to-date, and useful.

We distinguish ourselves through a commitment to quality and depth in our content. We delve into technical details without losing sight of practical application. TechMaso serves a diverse audience, including IT professionals, business owners, and anyone interested in optimizing their print environment.

Looking ahead, TechMaso aims to expand its offerings with more interactive tools and real-time support to become your go-to portal for print management solutions. Integrity, transparency, and education are the core values that guide everything we do at TechMaso. We strive to provide the most reliable and unbiased information.