Top 5 Myths About Print Security Debunked

Hollie Davies

Top 5 Myths About Print Security Debunked

Many think they understand print security, but myths exist. These myths can hold back the benefits of managed print services (MPS). We aim to debunk the top 5 myths about print security. This will help protect your data and guide your decisions wisely.

Myth #1: Some believe that working with an MPS takes too much time. They fear it might disrupt their business operations. Yet, working with a trusted MPS provider can simplify things. They streamline print processes, saving you time and money. This happens right from the beginning.

Myth #2: There’s a misbelief that MPS only brings extra cost per page. But, a good MPS company offers more than that. They create a print management plan that cuts costs significantly. With MPS, it’s about choosing the right devices and settings for your needs, not just paying fees.

Myth #3: Many think all MPS partners are alike. This is not true. Each MPS partner offers different expertise, services, prices, and security measures. It’s key for businesses to compare options. Choose the MPS provider that meets your specific needs best. Service quality and results matter, not just the price.

Keep reading the next sections. We will tackle more myths and offer insights into print security. By understanding the real benefits of MPS and clearing up these myths, you can safeguard your data better.

Myth #1: Working with an MPS is time-consuming and a major disruption

Some people think managed print services (MPS) take too much time and are hard to start. But, this idea is far from true. Working with a good MPS provider can actually be easy, smooth, and helpful for companies.

A good MPS provider aims to help businesses save time, money, and avoid print problems. They use their skills to smoothly add MPS solutions to how you already work, with no big issues or delays.

Starting an MPS solution is all about clear planning and a smooth process. The MPS provider teams up with your business. They learn what you need, check your current printing setup, and figure out the best way to make things work better.

During this, they make sure to handle important jobs well, like adding new tools, keeping software up to date, and training workers. They want to lessen any pause in work while getting everything running smoothly.

Choosing to work with an MPS provider can lower print costs, make your work more efficient, and keep your documents safe. They look after your printing setup, handle supplies, and always look for ways to do better, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

To wrap it up, thinking MPS is hard and time-consuming isn’t true when you’re with a reliable provider. Picking the right MPS partner can lead to an easy, time-saving, and cost-cutting change for your printing.

Myth #2: MPS is just a cost-per-page payment

Some say Managed Print Services (MPS) are just an extra, unneeded cost for each page printed. But, this view misses the mark. MPS isn’t just about fixing printers. It’s about making a plan that saves money for companies by better managing their printing needs.

MPS cares about what each company really needs. They put the best printers where they’re most needed. This saves money and makes printing more efficient. They look at how much you print, how you work, and find ways to improve. So, their help is more than just a simple cost per page.

Choosing MPS means using less paper and keeping your documents safe. By making your print setup better, you need fewer printers and supplies. This cuts down on how much you spend on printing. It’s a smart way to print that helps the environment and your budget.

Myth #3: All MPS partners provide similar programs

Not all Managed Print Services (MPS) partners do the same things. They have different skills, offer various services, and have unique prices and knowledge. It’s important for companies to look into several MPS providers. They need to find the one that fits their needs the best.

Choosing the cheapest option isn’t always the best route. It’s better to look for high quality and good results. This approach helps businesses find an MPS provider that can really improve their services and how well they do.

Different MPS partners have different strengths. This diversity lets businesses pick a provider who can meet their specific needs. Be it saving money or improving how printing works, the right MPS partner can bring big benefits. This includes better efficiency, more productivity, and less worry about their printing operations.

Hollie Davies