Secure Print Solutions for Non-profit Organizations

Hollie Davies

Secure Print Solutions for Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations need print materials to connect with donors and increase awareness. Managing print costs can be hard, but MBS (Managed Business Solutions) can help. They have over 30 years of experience in central California, offering print solutions that are secure and budget-friendly.

MBS knows that making things in-house helps non-profits save money. Their services cover printing, cloud IT, and secure document systems. They help with items like calendars, posters, and newsletters, plus offer direct mail marketing services.

For any print needs, MBS has the right tools and skills to do it well and at a low cost. They make printing for non-profits simpler, offering direct mail options and setting up printing networks for far-off teams.

MBS is the go-to for print solutions. They provide complete IT management, secure document transfers, and tax-exempt services for non-profits with a 501(c)(3) status.

Time Saving Print Solutions for Nonprofits

MBS offers time-saving print solutions for non-profit organizations. These solutions help non-profits make high-quality promotional items easily. They save time and resources too.

Producing Materials In-House

One key benefit of MBS’s solutions is making materials in-house. This gives non-profits control over quality and saves money. They can print items like calendars and posters when needed. This reduces waste and costs.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is important for non-profits to connect with people. MBS helps by printing post-cards and directly on envelopes. This way, non-profits manage their campaigns better and save on costs. They don’t need to outsource.

Printing Network Solutions

Many non-profits have teams in different places that need to print. MBS’s network solutions let them print securely from anywhere. It saves time and keeps their information safe.

Non-profits with a 501(c)(3) status get a tax exemption on MBS services. This further cuts their printing costs and improves operation efficiency.

Print Solutions for Non-profits: Benefits and Cost Savings

Non-profit organizations can improve their printing needs with print solutions. Using multifunction copiers is a big help. These machines can print in color and black and white. They save time by quickly printing a lot of documents.

Multifunction copiers help non-profits save money. They can print their own materials like brochures and business cards. This means they don’t need to pay outside companies. They also cut down on mailing costs for campaigns, saving even more.

Printing in-house gives non-profits control over their print spending. They can avoid overpaying. Printing on their own also offers more flexibility. This means they can print anytime, anywhere, not just when a vendor is available.

Managed print services are another way non-profits save. These services make printing setups more efficient. They also control costs better. With such services, non-profits can save more money and focus on their goals more effectively.

Hollie Davies