The Best Print Management Features for Tech-Savvy Millennials

Hollie Davies

The Best Print Management Features for Tech-Savvy Millennials

Millennials are the biggest generation in the US, with over 72 million people. They spend a lot of time checking their mail. This group loves experiences, cares about values, and looks for deals. They also like to be noticed, want things fast and easy, and follow influencers.

When we talk about print marketing, it’s interesting to note how many millennials engage. 77% take part in loyalty programs. Another 90% are active on social media. Plus, 82% say print helps with their buying decisions. An omnichannel approach, loyalty rewards, and personalized printing stand out as great strategies for this group.

Characteristics of Generation Z and Their Print Preferences

Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2010, is known as digital natives. They prioritize their careers and financial well-being. They also enjoy physical experiences and value talking with different people.

Gen Z uses smartphones a lot and shops on their mobile devices. They like getting discounts, coupons, and rewards from brands. Reading magazines is something they spend about an hour on every week.

For 18-23 year-olds, 92% find printed content easier to read than digital. The typical attention span of Gen Z is only 8 seconds. This makes things like coupons, special data printing, and visually appealing packaging stand out to them.

Designing Printed Packaging to Attract Gen Y

Gen Y, born between 1980 and 1994, has a lot of buying power. To appeal to them, we must create printed packaging that suits their taste. This group loves well-designed packaging that speaks to them.

Gen Y likes things simple and efficient. They prefer clean shapes and layouts. It’s crucial to use colors and designs that are simple yet bold. This approach grabs their attention more than anything else.

Telling a real and interesting story on your packaging is a big win with Gen Y. They enjoy authenticity and a good narrative. Including great visuals and product shots is key. Gen Y finds this appealing over lots of written content.

Want to win over Gen Y? Focus on packaging that’s both attractive and true to the brand. Use simple designs, good stories, and great images. This way, your brand will stand out and connect with Gen Y’s high values.

Hollie Davies